Basics of supply chain management at Western Management Centre

To many people, the term supply chain management sounds like technical jargon, but in reality supply chain management is part of everyday life. Supply chain management is the management of materials and goods as they move from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer and then to all of us as consumers.

This course is essential for anyone working in production and inventory management, operations, supply chain management, procurement, material management, and purchasing.

It is also of benefit to participants outside these departments because in a business everyone is part of the supply chain be it customer service, accounts, etc.

If you are interested in learning about supply chain management and want to gain an international qualification then register for the basics of supply chain management course starting in the Western Management Centre. The course is accredited by APICS, the professional association for supply chain management.

Participants can continue their studies to achieve the certificate in production and inventory management (CPIM ) and use the designation CPIM after their name. It is worth noting that when recruiting production or material management personnel, many companies require applicants to have the APICS CPIM qualification.

Contact Western Management Centre to talk to a member of the team or for further details. Phone 091 528777, email [email protected], or text 087 6158306.



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