Get ready for a big multicultural sing

‘MULTICULTURAL’ HAS been turned into a dirty word by those of a right wing persuasion who would have us believe it represents a threat to or the ‘ghettoisation’ of society.

It’s time to reclaim the word and re-focus its meaning to instead signify the rich diversity of arts, music, and expression that exists in the world and the benefits of sharing and mutually exploring such diversity.

Galway will seek to do its bit in this regard when The Big Sing Multicultural Community Choir makes its debut performance in the Nuns island Theatre on Sunday at 7pm.

The choir was formed by Jwana Stevenson - who runs The Big Sing in the Spirit Centre - who has gathered together a lively group of Irish and foreign people living in Galway, all united by a love of singing.

Proceeds from the gig will go towards the Community Voice Mini Festival hosted by The Big Sing on June 13 and 14.

Admission is €15/10. Support on the night is from singer-songwriter Niceol Blue and actor Jonathon Gunning. Email [email protected]


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