Derrybrien Wind Farm announces re-launch of community fund

Derrybrien Wind Farm, developed by Gort Windfarms, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ESB, has announced the second round of funding for communities located in the locality of Derrybrien, located between Loughrea and Gort. The fund opened last Monday January 8, and remains open until Friday March 16.

The community fund initiative aims to provide financial support to local community and voluntary organisations in proximity of the wind farm, helping them to deliver beneficial projects and initiatives which fall within one or more of our broad themes which are — education and skills; health, safety and wellbeing; environment and habitat conservation; energy efficiency and sustainability; culture and heritage, recreation, sport and social inclusion

Monies have already been committed by the community fund to develop a range of projects in the region, which will make their mark for many years to come as communities continue to enjoy the benefits of the investments. Since 2016, the fund has committed to investing over €63,000 in six projects within the vicinity of Derrybrien.

For further information on the community fund and to apply for funding, please visit:

Derrybrien Wind Farm is located within the Slieve Augthy Mountains between Loughrea and Gort in south-east Co Galway. The wind farm features 70 turbines with a combined generating capacity of 59.5 MW. It has the ability to generate enough renewable electricity to power around 38,000 households a year, which equates to some 43% of Co Galway’s needs.

The wind farm’s associated community fund has a total annual value of €59,500. While we suggest that groups apply for grants to the value of €9,000. The suggested award value is neither a minimum or a maximum, rather an indication of the scale of resources available annually. Awards may exceed the above suggested values if a project is identified as being of significant strategic benefit to the community.


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