Create full-time positions for those who maintain Westside facilities, says Cubbard

Independent city councillor Mike Cubbard.

Independent city councillor Mike Cubbard.

City councillor Mike Cubbard is calling on the City Council to apply for funding to create full-time positions for people who have maintained the Westside playing pitches and associated playground and park.

He said that in recent months, there has been a good team based in the Westside Park on the Gateway scheme. They kept the park tidy, ensured the playground was clean and safe and provided a presence in the park.

“This scheme finished last Thursday and since then we have had overflowing bins and a complete neglect by council management. Thankfully, there are good people involved in local clubs and within the community who will ensure the facility is kept to the highest standard but we cannot expect them to be there on a constant basis.

“With talk of an upturn in the economy I am now calling on the Director of Services to make an application to the Department for the approval to create full time jobs in the area.

“Those who have worked on various schemes deserve an opportunity to progress into the workforce and the area will benefit from having a full time presence on the ground. People pay property tax which is supposedly to support communities and services locally, here is a prime example where we can create work for a number of people in Westside,” he said.


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