The Best Albums of 2017

Indie, hip hop, folk-rock, punk, neo-grunge, math-rock, and Irish folk/trad

1. The Stevens - Good (Chapter Music )

The second album from the Melbourne quartet has songs by turns haunting, atmospheric, mysterious, catchy, outrageously melodic, lo-fi and raw, and definitely off-kilter. This is Indie par excellence.


2. Lankum - Between The Earth and Sky (Rough Trade )

Where are our Planxty, Sweeney's Men, and Pogues, who invest Irish trad and folk with that same sense of daring, but make it relevant for now? We found them in Lankum. Irish album of the year.

3. And So I Watch You From Afar - The Endless Shimmering (Sargent House )

For the second time in three albums, Rory Friers and Co, continue to explore, re-invent, and re-imagine math-rock/post-rock in breathtaking fashion.


4. Tkay Maidza - Tkay (Kitsune )

Zimbabwe born, Australian based, Tkay was the 'Who saw this coming?' album of 2017. Garage, grime, hip hop, indie soul-pop of near perfection.

5. Tracy Bruen - Mirror (Citóg Records )

Galway is lucky to have a talent such as this at work.


6. Liam Gallagher - As You Were (Warner Bros Records )

Noel's album had all the imagination and daring, but the 'back to basics' familiarity of Liam's, plus a touch of uncharacteristic humility, made it a warm and instant friend.


7. Japanese Breakfast - Soft Sounds From Another Planet (Dead Oceans )

A brilliant fusion of lo-fi American alternative rock and British shoegaze, which occasionally hits an emotional raw spot.

8. Mermaidens - Perfect Body (Flying Nun )

Grunge, psychedelia, Goth, and folk-rock combine in thrilling fashion on this debut from New Zealand trio.


9. Breakfast Muff - Eurgh! (Amour Foo )

Just listen to 'R U Feminist?' and you'll understand.


10. WHY? - Moh Lhean (Joyful Noise Recordings )

There are few more individual, yet conversely definitive, voices in American indie than WHY?'s Yoni Wolf, and his brilliance and ambition is writ large on album.


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