Final Over The Edge for 2017

Iggy McGovern, Linda Forde, Flávia Simas

A BRAZILIAN woman, a Welsh woman, and an Irishman will walk into the Galway City Library next week, not in a manner that will create the opening line of a joke, but rather to read from their fiction and poetry.

Iggy McGovern, Linda Forde, and Flávia Simas will read at the Over The Edge: Open Reading on Thursday December 14 at 6.30pm. There will be an open-mic after the featured readers, with new readers welcome. The MC is Susan Millar DuMars.

Iggy McGovern is fellow emeritus in the School of Physics at Trinity College Dublin, and the author of the poetry collections, The King of Suburbia (2005 ), Safe House (2010 ), and The Eyes of Isaac Newton (2017 ). He also wrote A Mystic Dream of 4 (Quaternia Press 2013 ) is a biography of the 19th century mathematician and poet, William Rowan Hamilton.

Flávia Simas was born and raised in Goiás, Brazil, and has lived in Ireland since 2013. She is a founding member of the Ativismo de Sofá in Brazil and the Galway Feminist Collective. Her work has appeared at the and she also occasionally publishes at Elephant Journal. Linda Ford is from Wales and has been living in Galway for five years. She is now a personal performance coach and trainer, working with small business owners.


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