Bawnmore Traffic Safety Group erect stark signs to get message across

The message is stark — do you want to be the first person to die?

Because of their concern over a series of accidents at Bawnmore Cross over the past year, locals in the area have come together to take the matter into their own hands and ensure that their calls for road safety measures at the junction are heeded.

The Bawnmore Traffic Safety Group has been set up to highlight a serious accident black spot at Bawnmore crossroads in Claregalway. The Loughgeorge to Corrandulla road has seen an inordinate amount of traffic incidents take place as vehicles attempt to the take the bend at Bawnmore cross heading to Corrandulla.

The problem is the camber of the road which pulls vehicles in towards the brink as the bend is negotiated. The issue is being highlighted in an effort to avoid a loss of life at the bend, on a road that carries a huge volume of traffic. Recently, in an effort to bring the dangerous bend to the attention of road users, two hard hitting signs have been erected which carry the chilling warning to “Don’t be the first to die”.

The Baunmore Traffic Safety Group is awaiting a reply from the Galway County Council following a presentation by members of the Group to a meeting of the Athenry-Oranmore municipal district on November 14 in relation to what remedial work is planned for this dangerous road.


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