Dr Clare talks about CBD and how to use it to best effect

Hemp and herbal medicine go back thousands of years.

Hemp includes CBD cannabinoids that do not mess with your head but benefit in supporting your own cannabinoids which we all produce (these are called endocannabinoids ).

There is a lot of talk and much confusion about the many benefits of CBD as a food supplement and how it can help with certain concerns and conditions. CBD is a food extract of hemp excluding mind altering effects.

"Do you know you make your own cannabis related feel-good factors, these can be enhanced for all chronic inflammation conditions?" CBD has been investigated for conditions including cancer, epilepsy, and Parkinson's, but it is in the less dramatic conditions like arthritis, heart disease, anxiety, and depression that it is likely to be most supportive.

Join Dr Dilis Clare (GP and medical herbalist ) at room 1030, Clinical Science Institute, Costello Road (beside the Community Health Centre ), Shantalla, Galway on November 30 (7pm to 8.30pm ) as she talks about CBD and how to use it to best effect.

This is a free talk and is open to everyone who has an interest and curiosity about CBD and how it can be used for medicinal purposes.

Tickets can be booked through Eventbrite.

The clinical team at Dr Clare’s welcome Dr Clare back to clinical practice after her short sabbatical. Dr Clare looks forward to seeing patients from December 12 and is also looking forward to being part of the clinical team once again.


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