Cannon calls on jobseekers in Galway to take seasonal opportunity for work

Minister for the Diaspora and International Development Ciaran Cannon has said that jobseekers in Galway should be aware that their entitlements will not be affected should they avail of opportunities for work over the Christmas period.

Minister Cannon said he is pleased to note that Galway`s unemployment figure has dropped by almost 1,800 since the beginning of this year and that the number of people on the Live Register has declined by 12 per cent on the figure from January.

“With Christmas just around the corner, I would like to remind jobseekers in Galway that where jobseekers on the Live Register secure temporary seasonal work of up to 12 weeks, their social welfare payments will be reinstated immediately after the work finishes.

“It is important that jobseekers do not let anxieties about restoration of entitlements hold them back from taking opportunities that may arise and once the jobseeker informs their local social welfare office before they commence the temporary work, their claim will continue without any delay afterwards,” he said.

“The Department of Social Protection operates a fast-tracking system for customers who sign-off to take up work for a short period of up to 12 weeks. The Fast Track system allows you to sign back on to your claim without the need to go through the process as a new claimant and ensure that your original Jobseeker’s payment is reinstated without delay.

“I would also remind employers who may have staff shortages at this traditionally busier time, particularly in the hotel and retail sectors, that the Department of Social Protection operates a recruitment service and officials in your area will assist you in finding job-ready staff suitably qualified for your sector,” he concluded.



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