One day workshop on improving your self esteem

In 2017 we are no longer blind to the devastating effects of mental health difficulties. Whether it is a Facebook post or an item on the news we are finally at a place where people are beginning to see the importance of minding their own mental health.

Keeping yourself healthy does not stop at getting your five-a-day and keeping an eye on your alcohol and chocolate intake. It goes further and deeper.

The importance of exercise is well known, and most people can appreciate that a healthy lifestyle takes some effort. But how many people push this into the realm of mental health? Mindfulness and yoga are becoming more and more popular and have heralded great results for dealing with the stresses and strains of living in today’s world. But maybe we need to push it even further?

One more item to add to the checklist of healthy living is positive self esteem. Do we take this for granted? Are we even aware of how important a positive view of ourselves is? Low self-esteem can impact your life in many ways; it can affect your work, your relationships, and your sense of self. Positive self esteem improves overall feelings of self worth. It promotes healthy self image and protects against negative self talk. Improving self esteem can be a building block to help cope with life’s challenges. This can have a hugely positive impact on a person’s life.

Galway based psychotherapists Catherine Wall and Clare McGee are delivering a one day course intended to aid people in improving their view of themselves. They hope that by the end of this one day workshop people will be able to identify old negative thought patterns and begin to appreciate how a different and more positive way of thinking can have huge benefits to their life.

Both Clare McGee and Catherine Wall run private counselling practices and see clients one-on-one for many different reasons; bereavement, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, sexuality issues, couples therapy, and addiction to name a few.

Catherine Wall can be contacted at [email protected] or 087-0662932. Clare McGee can be contacted at [email protected] or 086 2706709.


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