Why am I so tired?

Chronic fatigue syndrome (ME ): Anyone suffering from ME would have wide ranging symptoms and severity. The most common symptom is overwhelming exhaustion or fatigue after doing things which did not make you feel tired before. Other symptoms can include flu-like symptoms, swollen glands, and painful joints. It is a difficult condition to diagnose.

Underactive thyroid: This can cause severe fatigue and an aching body. It usually affects people who are overweight and it is more common in women than men. A simple blood test from your doctor can identify this condition and it can be treated quite successfully.

Celiac disease: In this condition people are intolerant of gluten, a substance found in wheat and other cereals, cakes, breads, etc. One in every 100 people may suffer from it. Research suggests that the majority of those people do not know they have it. Your GP can easily diagnose this condition.

Malnutrition: People who have chronic physical or mental illness can suffer from this, especially if they do not eat balanced meals, which can lead to lack of nutrition in their body and bring their immunity down which may stop the healing process.

Sleep apnoea: This condition is associated with a lot of snoring and can result in the narrowing of the throat muscles which can lead to interrupted breathing and poor sleep. Your GP may send you to a specialist for a sleep study. You may be prescribed equipment called CPAP which can help to prevent some serious consequences of this condition. There are great facilities in Galway for diagnosing and treating this.

Other conditions and circumstances which can cause tiredness include diabetes, glandular fever, any painful conditions, restless legs, night cramps, a snoring partner, uncomfortable bedding, late night eating, indigestion, heartburn, reflux, shift work, caring for a loved one, cold, flu, coughs, candida, dysbiosis, and too much alcohol.

Apart from the causes of tiredness that I have already mentioned, there are hundreds of other reasons. There is plenty of help available through your GP and also lots of help available through complementary therapies.

Always consult your GP before starting any new regime or self treatment. The contents of the article are for informational purposes only and are not intended to prevent, diagnose, or cure any medical conditions.

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