The Salthill Social, casual dining at its finest

Opened in March by proprietors Spencer and Sandra Lacey, The Salthill Social is more than just another restaurant, it is part of the fabric of Salthill and wider Galway community.

The Laceys wanted an establishment that welcomed families, with their extra noise and paraphernalia, while offering nutritious meals, from a varied menu with a focus on socialising, and a community vibe.

Spencer Lacey said: "Salthill is beautiful. There is no better destination to run a restaurant. As part of The Village Salthill business community we meet every Thursday to do stuff to make Salthill better.

"That is why the Salthill Social, located in Lenaboy Gardens in the heart of The Village, is exactly the type of restaurant that this community is crying out for."

Realising a fresh pair of eyes was required to fulfill this ambitious vision, restaurant manager Daragh O'Driscoll was hired in July with a remit to cement the Salthill Social as the go-to casual dining restaurant in the vicinity, and he did not waste any time.

Daragh O'Driscoll said: "My first decision as manager here was to really listen to our customers to learn what worked for them, and what needed changing if we were to thrive in this cutthroat industry.

"Drawing on the experience of both myself and Kenneth Leyden, our new head chef, we fine-tuned our daily menu of breakfast, lunch, and all day brunch to keep the trade consistent and brisk."

New evening menu launch

Tomorrow (Friday ) sees the launch of a new evening menu which, in keeping with the social vibe, has a selection of great value platters specifically designed for sharing. Daragh O'Driscoll added: "We drew on inspiration from around the world and devised this menu which could be described as tapas with a twist.

"We feel our platters, which encourage sharing, will add a more lively aspect to the easy-going atmosphere that everyone experiences in the relaxed and comfortable surroundings of The Salthill Social."



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