Tree planting should be subject to planning

A Galway county councillor says the planting of trees should have to undergo the process of county planning permission.

Independent councillor Jim Cuddy suggested that trees should not be planted within a certain distance of roads, electricity, and telephone lines.

The councillor’s comments come after Storm Ophelia felled many trees which brought down telephone and electricity wires throughout the county as well as resulting in the deaths of three people around the country.

Cllr Cuddy said; “There was huge damage caused by trees on ESB lines. I believe the planting of trees should be put under the remit of county planning for the future.

“No trees should be planted within a certain distance of telephone, and ESB lines. This buffer zone would eliminate what we have seen in terms of damage of lines and deaths on the road.”

Ballinasloe area councillor Michael Connolly called for the council to embark on a strategy of removing dangerous trees throughout the county.

“They [the trees] are a tragedy waiting to happen. We need to work with landowners and landowners need to work with a local authority to stop trees overhanging on roads. They are serious hazards.”



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