Pure Sense - the natural alternative to shaving foams and gels

This 100 per cent natural product leaves your legs feeling re-vitalised and smooth after one drop. Pure Sense is an innovating alternative to shaving foam, that moisturises and smoothes your legs before, during, and after you shave. Containing sesame seed, soya bean, and grapeseed oils, menthol, lavender, and other natural ingredients, Pure Sense leaves your legs still feeling silky smooth the next day.

By wetting the legs before applying a small amount of oil, the beneficial properties of essential oils are activated by the warm water in the shower or bath. You will also notice the prevention of any irritation or cuts, because of the natural moisturisation from Pure Sense.

Unlike the usual shaving foams, Pure Sense is not messy or awkward to use, and contains absolutely no chemicals. The product is unique to the beauty market and is affordable in price, easy to carry, and it is made in Ireland. It also lasts for ages, as one spray per leg is all that’s needed for a super smooth finish.

The sesame seed oil nourishes the skin deep down, while the soya bean oil soothes the skin and prevents irritation after shaving. The essential vitamins prevent the skin from drying out after shaving and the lavender oils acts as a mild antiseptic which tones the skin.

After using Pure Sense oil, it’s very hard to go back to using ordinary shaving foam, as it just doesn’t have the same gorgeous effect on your legs.

To find out more information visit www.mypuresense.com


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