Get Pulled at the Town Hall

Hilarious comedy about female sexuality and social media to hit Galway

"GET YOUR coat, you've pulled!" is one of the oldest, cockiest, and certainly cheesiest 'chat up' lines ever devised by the fallen mind of man - and who else but a certain kind of man would think such a line might work?

Still, lines like these appear to have worked on Amanda and Michelle, who, suffering the effects of a severe hangover, and now taking that early morning 'walk of shame' back home, try to piece together just what happened the night before. Scrolling through a trail of Tweets, Facebook posts, and selfies, Amanda and Michelle are gloriously unapologetic about their wild night out...until Michelle finds herself in need of the morning after pill, and they are reminded there is a price to be paid.

This is Central Arts & Devious Theatre's Pulled, written by Niamh Moroney, which comes to the Town Hall Theatre on Monday October 23 at 8pm. This uncompromising, hilarious comedy about female sexuality and social media has enjoyed critical acclaim with the Edinburgh Culture Review calling it "comedic chaos" and the Waterford News & Star declaring "OMG. Like WOW! Amaaaazzziiiiiiing!"

Tickets are available from the Town Hall Theatre (091 - 569777, ).


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