Hearing is precious - protect it

Michael O’Neill Hearing Aid Audiologist of O’Neill Hearing Care Clinic is an agent for all Oticon Ltd. Hearing Aid Technologies. Oticon OPN1 was voted the best European premium hearing technology at “The 10th Golden Lobe Awards” at AIHHP 2016 Hearing Expo.

OticonOPN1 is a new kind of hearing aid - fast enough to support the brain and it opens up the sound scape to embrace multiple speakers. With 50 times more processing power than the previous generation (Alta 2 Pro ), Oticon OPN1 scans your environment more than 100 times per second. It gives you access to 360degrees of sound.

It accurately distinguishes between speech and background noise. It enables you to identify where different sounds are coming from and it continuously adjusts the relative volume of all sounds around you to maintain a well balanced and comfortable soundscape. This enables your brain to make sense of sound with less effort. The result more closely mimics natural hearing than any other hearing aid produced.

One Open Sound Experience - Three levels of Brainhearing support

BrainHearing support is delivered by a unique combination of technologies working together to reduce listening effort and provide the brain with better conditions in which to perform. All three members of the OPN family provide the unique open sound experience with access to multiple speakers.

However, they differ in the amount of support they give the brain in terms of rapid noise reduction, localisation of sounds, speech clarity, and the personalisation of the listening experience - i.e. they differ in the level of BrainHearing support which is delivered.

Regardless of end-user age and lifestyle, Oticon always recommend OPN 1 for maximum support across diffwerent listening enviornments. Oticon OPN is made for iPhone and it is the world’s first internet-connected hearing aid.


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