Slim down with joy2slim

A slimming process that allows you to have your cake and eat it at joy2slim.

Numerous studies have shown that slimming by restricting calorie intake is temporary and only partially successful with 50 per cent of lost weight put back on within a year.

The system of weight loss in joy2slim is backed by the latest scientific findings from universities and health centres around the world.

New evidence is showing that enjoying our food more and focusing on internal signals of satisfaction is far more powerful than restriction or changing food types. To slim we need to enjoy our food more, love, and accept our bodies and develop our own self-compassion. This lighter attitude actually decreases calorie intake naturally.

The processes in joy2slim are developed from the latest breakthroughs in slimming and wellbeing. The reason that we fail at slimming is not because we are lazy, weak-willed, or lacking discipline, we are just using methods that are contradictory to our psychological makeup.

If we are trying to be slim to be happy, the unconscious mind will sabotage our efforts. It does this to protect us against psychological corruption. That is why you have not fully succeeded until now.

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