Lots for families to choose from at Baboró festival

The Baboró International Arts Festival for Children returns next month, from October 16 to 22, and there is a feast of shows to delight and entertain families looking for something fun to do after school or on the weekend.

So what is on offer? For those aged between two and six, there is World Images from Denmark. The show is a journey around the world using live music, projection, and performance. Along similar lines is What Does Red Do for ages four to eight, combining a live painting performance set to music by Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussy. Bounce for ages 7+ is a sensitive and funny dance show featuring live music with plenty of climbing, playing, dancing and singing.

Wot? No Fish!! for ages 9+ from England’s Danny Braverman tells the true story of Braverman’s Great Uncle Ab and Great Aunt Celie bringing up their family in 20th century London. The Guardian called it “a show about love that has been made with love”.

We Come From Far, Far Away, for ages 10+, is set in a Mongolian yurt and explores the stories of refugees. We hear the story of Abdullah from Syria who has travelled a long way, mostly on this own. It runs from Monday October 16 to Wednesday 18.

Baboró offers performances for both the general public, families and schools.


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