Mossy lawn? Get professional help from Greenhand

This has not been a great summer for the lawn. The seemingly endless rain recently has helped promote a lot of moss growth, and now is the time to think about dealing with it.

It is fair to say that any one or a combination of the following situations will result in a mossy lawn: rain, poor quality grass that is choked with weeds or perhaps it is being mowed too short, and excessive shade or poor drainage can also be an issue. With many successful years of experience in dealing with these problems, Greenhand can identify and rectify most lawn problems.

There are many theories about the best time of year and the best methods to deal with lawn moss. Autumn and winter are the perfect seasons to prepare your lawn for next year and you would be well advised to avail of a professional lawn assessment to establish the condition of your lawn. It may need a moss control, it may also need to be scarified to break up surface thatch. Whatever the issue, why not get the experts in to identify what is required to get your lawn into the best condition possible for next year.

To book your free analysis and no obligation quotation just call Jean on 098 39155 or 0870 555 155. You can also visit or find Greenhand on Facebook under Greenhand Lawn Treatment Services.


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