Kíla - soundtracking the timeless places

BONO GETS a lot of slagging about a lot of things, but sometimes he is right, like when he described Kíla as creating music that comes from “a timeless place”.

It’s not only the time that’s hard to locate when trying to place Kíla’s music, it’s also trying to pinpoint the location of the music itself. Make no mistake, Kíla’s music is grounded and rooted in Irish trad - it’s just that it might be Irish trad as played on the Mars delta!

Kíla’s visionary, expansive, prog-tastic, epic, and magical music will once again be heard in Galway when the band - Rossa, Colm, and Rónán Ó Snodaigh, Dee Armstrong, Eoin Dillon, and Brian and Lance Hogan - play the Black Box Theatre on Friday March 20 at 8pm.

The band’s music lends itself well to soundtracks so it’s no wonder that it has been featured in the new Irish animation film The Secret of Kells.

The Secret of Kells is a feature length animation made by a small Kilkenny animation house and distributed by Disney. It recently took the top honours at this year’s Cartoon Movie Tributes, with director Tomm Moore being named Director of the Year.

The film’s composer Bruno Coulais was introduced to Kíla by Secret of Kells producer Paul Young with the idea Kíla could perform the music for some of the film’s score.

The resulting recording session with the renowned French composer went extremely well, with Kíla collaborating on two tracks, earning co-write credits, and Bruno demanding two existing Kíla tracks be included on the sound track also. The soundtrack album with music from the film will be available through Kíla Records from tomorrow.

The band are no doubt looking forward to coming back to Galway, which the band regard as their second home. “We’ve always got a good reaction any time we’ve played Galway,” Lance Hogan told me when I interviewed him last year. “Many people have even thought we were a Galway band! Dee Armstrong [Kíla fiddle player] lived here for many years.”

For tickets contact the Town Hall on 091 - 569777.


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