Nathan Fake @ Lowerstate

NATHAN FAKE, one of the few artists cutting edge European techno connoisseurs really care about, plays Lowerstate at The Cellar, Eglinton Street, on St Patrick’s Night at 10pm.

That he performs his shows on a laptop should not put you off. Let’s be honest, laptop musicians are a bore to endure. Some guy just pushing a button every now and again to change key is a sin against live music.

Thankfully, a Nathan Fake laptop live show is a much more intense and visual experience than people have come to expect from the genre. Fake embraces the true spirit of punk as he fits and jerks his way through an unstoppable hour long industrial assault with incredible focus, elbows flailing, and body contorted to impossible angles. He pushes the Ableton Live software to its limits, maxing out his CPU, constantly teetering on the brink of computer meltdown.

Support is from Rory D and Audiofeen. Tickets are €15 from The Cellar Bar. See


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