Ten quick fire questions with David Burke

1. First memory of Galway hurling

Going to see Galway and Clare in the All Ireland quarter-final in 1999, before that watching them on the TV at home

2. First own hurling memory

Going up to the pitch when I was four-years-old with the boots on the wrong feet. It was a joyful occasion.

3. Best memory of hurling so far

Winning the All Ireland club title with St Thomas on Paddy’s Day in 2013

4. Best Holiday

One to New York last year, was a great one.

5. Three thing always in your fridge

Milk, eggs and butter

6. Favourite movie?

Django Unchained

7. Toughest marker in hurling

Johnny Coen

8. Have you thought about the speech?

I’ve a few lines done and a cupla focal, might leave it to the family to sort out the rest and let them give it to me on the day

9. Biggest messer in the dressing room

Davey Glynn

10. Biggest moaner in the dressing room

Cyril Donnallan


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