Career guidance is vital for success

Congratulations, you are going to college. Whether or not you got the course you wanted, it is essential that you make the most of this next exciting chapter.

A trusted career guidance session can provide clarity and insight into understanding course content.

It is unlikely every module will be equally of interest to you; just make sure the majority of the modules are. It is important to identify the skills and content in your course which will benefit you later as you enter the job market.

College life does not have the same structure as school, and the onus is on you to plan your day. Getting into a balanced routine early can help to solve misgivings later. Careers guidance can help you prepare for college life. Guidance is also essential for any student feeling as though he/she is falling behind in course work, or that he/she may not pass.

Social challenges must also be addressed. Students can feel lonely or that they do not fit in. Even if you have the best group of friends a person could need, if they are not at college with you they can seem very far away. Fresher weeks are organised to aid social integration. Maximise on these opportunities while they are readily available. It can be a huge help to talk through any concerns with a guidance counsellor.

For these and any course or college-related issue, call 086 3046268, email [email protected], or find Careers Guidance Galway on Facebook.


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