A stepping stone to a career in counselling and psychotherapy at ICPPD

Introductory course in holistic counselling and psychotherapy

This 60-hour certificate course is an introduction to holistic counselling and psychotherapy and is a foundation-level counselling and psychotherapy course with a difference. The course is highly interactive and combines personal development, counselling skills, and an introduction to some of the main theoretical approaches in counselling, and concludes with a mindfulness workshop. This course is delivered in ICPPD Athlone and in Galway, on Tuesday/Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 10pm, commencing end of October.

This course serves as an excellent introduction to the area of counselling, and teaches general counselling skills that will benefit people in both their personal and professional lives, particularly those who regularly work with the public.

ICPPD's adult learners frequently describe the course as ‘a life-changing experience’, which many see as the most valuable outcome of taking the course. No previous experience is necessary to embark on the course. A willingness to participate and openness to learning is encouraged. Interested candidates are required to complete an application form, which is downloadable from the website www.icppd.com

ICPPD is Ireland's leading third level college offering training and education in holistic counselling and psychotherapy. Degree courses are validated by QQI and accredited by the professional bodies IACP and NAPCP.

This introductory course includes:

1 ) A personal development module where adult learners are required to participate in personal awareness exercises, tutorials, and discussions on self-esteem, assertiveness training, and interpersonal communication skills.

2 ) An introduction to theory, where learners are introduced to some of the primary theoretical approaches in counselling.

3 ) Counselling skills and practice, learners are introduced to counselling skills through experiential practice.

4 ) A Mindfulness and Mindful Living workshop completes the course and supports the holistic focus of the programme.

Those who complete this certificate have the option to apply for entry onto the ICPPD Bachelor of Arts degree in holistic counselling and psychotherapy.

Contact ICPPD on 0906 470484, or visit www.icppd.com for details.


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