People of the Tribes : Meet Lisa.

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My name is Lisa Regan and I am from Rahoon in Galway, but living in Galway’s westend for the past 10 years in between travelling the world and cycling around on my bike!

I run a niche public relations firm (Lisa Regan Public Relations ) and Large and in Charge Jumpers LTD. Galway is unreal and there is nowhere like it being honest. Once you’re sound you will get on well here. There is so much to this city, but for me one of the best things right now is the fact that Galway is leading the way for food in Ireland, there is so much change happening here but at the same time Galway always remains true to itself.

Galway captures your imagination no matter what your interests are, that is why it holds a special place for such a cross section of people who live here and also those come to visit. Everyone has an almost nostalgic view of Galway, be it its seaside location, the never ending 12 month season of festivals or the fact that Galway people have their own unique sense of humour that’s Hunreal.

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