NUI Galway launches student accommodation appeal

Pictured at the official opening of the recently refurbished Jordans Bar Clarenbridge, (L-R) Shauna Ellis, Kara Ellis and Karla Concannon from Clarenbridge. Photo Tom Taheny.

Pictured at the official opening of the recently refurbished Jordans Bar Clarenbridge, (L-R) Shauna Ellis, Kara Ellis and Karla Concannon from Clarenbridge. Photo Tom Taheny.

NUI Galway have issued an appeal for student housing for the 2017/18 academic year. They are partnering with Winters Property in an effort to tackle the housing crisis facing thousands this September and are committed to ensuring a positive experience for both the householder and the student.

Galway homeowners are asked to consider renting a room in their house to a student, allowing them to earn up to €14,000 tax free. It is your house and your rules. The initiative allows you to target specific tenant categories (age group, gender or field of study ). Your property will be advertised for free to 18,000 students and you get free backup support throughout the entire process from the NUI Galway Accommodation Office.

“Structured accommodation is an option for students leaving home for the first time,” says Teresa Kelly, NUI Galway Accommodation Officer. “This will give new students the space to learn and mature while settling into a study routine”.

First year students are particularly vulnerable, only discovering their college location on the release of the Leaving Cert results later this month. These students come from all over the country. In previous years, due to a severe lack of available accommodation, they have been forced to face a commute of up to 6 hours daily, accept limited five-day weekly hostel accommodation or have been forced into overpriced, below standard alternatives. Parents of these students are understandably concerned, sending their son or daughter into an unregulated market. This is a situation facing students all across Ireland. NUI Galway and Winters Property (as Irelands largest operators of Student Accommodation ) are leading the way in promoting alternative solutions to Galway landlords, students and parents.

Enda McGuane, Managing Director of Winters Property stresses the need for action on all aspects of the current housing crisis. “This is our third year working with the Accommodation Department in NUI Galway, in an effort to alleviate this situation”. The shortage in student accommodation is part of a bigger lack of residential properties which is having an impact on all aspects of the Cities economy. In addition to students, many professionals and families are finding it increasingly difficult to get housing. Galway is falling behind other cities in its approach to solving this wider crisis. We really need to see the creation of a specific entity, which can get access to unused city centre sites and create both residential communities and commercial space, as has happened in Limerick”.

Prices range from €130 to €170 per student, per week, depending on length of stay (five or seven day week ) and whether or not meals are included. Why not take the pressure off monthly household bills or mortgage payments, whilst introducing a new student to Galway city? Upload your property details directly online at

Questions? Find out more by visiting online, call +353 91 492364 or email [email protected]. You can also drop into the Accommodation Office from 10.00am - 12.45pm and 14.30pm -16.45pm to the 1st Floor, Áras Uí Chathail, NUI Galway Campus.



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