Zap-Map electric car charging app now covers Ireland

Zap-Map is Britain's leading EV charging platform, and it has just announced the release of Zap-Map app 3.0 within the Republic of Ireland incorporating live network data from ESB ecars.

The new app, available on both Android and iOS platforms, will enable electric vehicle (EV ) drivers to locate, navigate to and update charging point data, supporting the transition to electric vehicles.

The partnership with ESB, which provides an extensive network of some 1,200 charge points across the island of Ireland, ensures that the status of charge points will be updated dynamically. This means that EV drivers can see whether the charge point is available or in use; these live updates are supplemented by Zap-Chat, which enables EV drivers to update status, post comments and last mile information.

On the release of Zap-Map 3.0, incorporating the ESB network data, Melanie Shufflebotham, director at Zap-Map hopes the extension of Zap-Map to the Republic of Ireland with live network updates from ESB will help accelerate the uptake of EVs across the country.

“Our aim is to give the best possible information to EV drivers on the move and the latest app features were developed with this in mind. The new app also includes the integration of the Zap-Chat platform for live user updates, and enables the roll-out of new features for launch later this year.”

Gareth Davis, head of ecars at ESB, says information on its network of charge points in the Republic of Ireland will be available on Zap-Map and will allow EV drivers to easily access information on charge point locations and availability.

"This information is essential for EV drivers wishing to plan their journey and ensure they have charging facilities on route."

In Britain, Zap-Map attracts some 45,000 users per month from an EV fleet of around 110,000 vehicles and rising rapidly. To view Zap-Map visit



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