Fermentation for gut health

The College of Naturopathic Medicine will host a health talk on fermented foods and their benefits for optimal gut health on Saturday, August 19, at 2pm.

Are you interested in restoring your health and have some fun? Fermentation may be the activity for you.

Fermentation is a centuries old process of exposing food to healthy bacteria and yeasts, with a 'starter culture' or naturally with wild airborne cultures, to alter its properties. Traditionally this method was applied to foods to preserve seasonal gluts, improve their digestibility, and increase flavour. Today, fermentation is making a comeback as people learn about its amazing health benefits.

If you are sitting on the fermented fence – why not go along and discover for yourself what foods can be fermented and sample some wild ferments on the day. Marian Williams of Nourish Life with Marian will be giving a brief introduction into the what, the how, and the why.

The talk will feature:

A beginner’s introduction to simple at-home fermentation techniques.

The incredible health benefits of regularly eating fermented foods.

How to introduce fermented foods and beverages to you and your family for a boost in overall gut health and immunity.

Easy recipes, demonstrations, and tasters on the day.

The talk will take place in Galway Business School, Salthill, Galway. Tickets are €5 and can be purchased online at www.naturopathy.ie/special-events

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