People of the Tribes : Meet Lisa

I'm from Galway, living in the Galway, working in the Galway, & loving Galway! I work in St. Anthony's & Claddagh Credit Union on Mainguard Street (I'm the face behind its social media ) & each day you don't know what great things will be happening as you walk up town at lunch. There is always something to see!

I completed a BSc. In Business Information Systems in NUI Galway & as part of my course had to complete a term where I worked in Dublin, that is where I gained a deeper appreciation for home, we have such a unique & vibrant city, there's nowhere like it...the people, restaurants, nightlife, festivals, amazing scenery: beaches, rivers, forests all right on our doorstep, we have it all! When you say you're from Galway it's an immediate conversation starter, you hear all types of stories about adventures in Galway & 'I have to go back!' I returned to Galway seeing it with fresh eyes & I've been very busy since...I graduated, I'm building a career, running a home & raising my 3 beautiful crazy Galwegian children! No better place for it!

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