Have all the boxes ticked when preparing for your job interview

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No matter how much preparation you do, job interviews can prove to be a nerve-wracking experience. Gone are the days when you were able to assume what you were going to be asked. Nowadays a whole array of unexpected, and frankly unnecessary, questions can pop up. Here at Advertiser.ie, we have a few tips to help you navigate the interview minefield.

Do your research

There are few better ways to combat tricky questions in a job interview than detailed information on the company you are being interviewed by. If you can find out some of the problems they have, highlight how you can be a solution to it. Know exactly what they are looking for in a new employee and assure them you have what it takes to fulfil that role.

Be able to give a good account of your job history

Nothing comes off worse in an interview than a series of hesitant pauses. You should be able to inform your potential new employer of the tasks you did and the responsibilities you had in your previous job. Be able to justify any gaps in your CV, rather than just telling them that you were unemployed, bring up some other activity you were putting your time into during that period.

The reasons you want to work for them

It might seem an obvious one, but some people can get genuinely stuck when trying to come up with detailed reasons why they want to take a new job. First of all, make sure the money on offer is not your number one reason. Employers will get very turned off by someone who only has money on their mind, and not the genuine interests of the company and what they stand for.

Know your strengths and weaknesses

Play to your strengths as much as you possibly can and if you don't think you have any, you are probably just thinking negatively, because everyone has strengths and at an interview it is all about showing them. On the other hand, everyone has weaknesses too, but rather than highlighting them, make sure you can tailor your answers to focus on other things, or better yet you could describe how you overcame a weakness.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Make sure you never same 'somewhere else' for starters. You don't want to give the impression that the company is merely a stepping stone for your future career prospects, a temporary home on your way to bigger and better things. Even if that may be true, always show how you are wholeheartedly committed to the job at hand. That said, it won't do you any harm to show that you are an ambitious and forward thinking individual, this will help you put across that you will be able to think on your feet and contribute to fresh new ideas for the company.

Take these tips into consideration when preparing for your next interview and remember if you are well prepared then you will have little to worry about and will come across as a great candidate for the role.

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