How long does it take to heal?

Advice on healing from City Chiropractic

This is a tough question to answer because there are so many factors involved in the healing process. The length of time may vary but the overall process remains the same. When the body is experiencing intense pain and discomfort, there is an underlying cause that has probably been there for quite some time before the pain showed up. This is unless there is an outside trauma. Getting chiropractic care can help speed up the process and prevent the pain from returning.

When pain is felt, there is typically tissue damage, inflammation, nervous system dysfunction, and joint instability. In the intensive care phase of the healing process is where most people start their treatment. We want to get rid of pain as quickly as possible. With initial treatment in one to four weeks, relief will begin to set in. Inflammation and tissue damage will also be reduced. Towards the end of this period, range of motion will increase and muscle spasms will decrease.

In the supportive care phase (four to six weeks ), the initial presenting symptoms should be decreased. In this phase you will be in less discomfort and tissue function will continue to improve. This is the most delicate phase of care because your body is undergoing training and learning how to function properly. If healing has not fully occurred, it could be easy to drop back into pain and have recurrent chronic, lasting, pain.

Wellness care is the final phase. Your body will stabilise and have undergone re-education (improved posture and movement ). In this phase it is important to include regular exercise and proper nutrition. Your health affects everything you do so it is important to care for yourself. Getting spinal health checks monthly or every three to six months will help your body perform at its optimum.

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