Key things to remember when selling your car online

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Buying and selling in the online market place can often be a minefield. You can only really know the qualities of an item from an up close and personal look at it. As the seller you have the responsibility to be truthful about what you are selling, but that does not mean you cannot jazz it up a bit. has some advice on how to do so.

Clean your car

It may seem an obvious one, but it is essential that it is taken care of. You would not want to buy an unclean car, so don't expect someone else to. Cleaning the car do not take long. Get your vacuum, bucket, sponge and give it a good going over, inside and out.

Have the vehicle paperwork on hand

Any potential buyer will want to know about the details and past history of the car. You may have plenty of information in your head, but if you do not have the documents to back it up, then you may lose some credibility as a seller. Utilise warranty documents, maintenance records, and the bill of sale.

Get the price right

Setting an unrealistic price could be an instant turn off for any potential buyer. Research industry values and other listings to get the right price. Make sure not to set the price too low either, as you do not want to be empty handed either.

Take good pictures

This will be the first thing a buyer will look at and if the car does not look its best, he/she will move on to something else. Be sure to take multiple shots from different angles and choose the best of your selection when you create your ad. You will want to include the interior, exterior, the wheels, and the engine.

Research the best place to advertise

There are plenty of options online for selling your car, but you want to make sure you find the one with the best chance of selling your car. The cars for sale section offers a great platform to sell your car in Galway.

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