Find your ideal teaching position with Engage Education

Engage Education is an award winning teacher recruitment agency that specialises in matching quality teachers and support staff with schools throughout the United Kingdom. As a current holder of the EducationInvestor Recruitment Service of the Year award, Engage Education focuses on getting to know its teachers in order to find the right school for every individual it works with.

The company does not stop once it has found a suitable role for you: it takes pride in offering the highest possible levels of support, advice, and assistance for the people it works with — particularly those who are in the process of relocating to the UK from overseas.

Engage believes that great teachers are always keen learners. That is why Engage Education is committed to supporting the continuing professional development of the teachers it works with, through its partnership with Creative Education.

Reassurance plan

Engage Education has announced its Reassurance Plan for teachers. Many teachers are holding out for jobs in Ireland but don’t want to be left without anything for September. The Reassurance Plan guarantees you a teaching contract if you do not secure a job in Ireland.

To secure your Reassurance Plan, contact Engage Education's Irish office at 01 5547332, email [email protected], or text 086 4109883. You can then complete the application process and confirm your place at Engage's Jobs Summit on August 23, guaranteeing you a contract on the same day.


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