Paul Currie - Belfast wildman for Róísín Dubh Comedy Clubh

"If Tim Burton created Mr Bean..."

Paul Currie - enjoying a bath.

Paul Currie - enjoying a bath.

WHAT WOULD it be like to live inside the head of Northern Irish comedian Paul Currie? It would be quite the trip considering his surrealist, wild, imagination has produced some of the most startling and original comedy of recent years.

Paul is no stranger to Galway, having played both the Vodafone Comedy Carnival and the Róisín Dubh Comedy Clubh, and the good news is the Belfast man is back at the Clubh this Friday [July 7] at 9pm. So expect puppetry, mime, prop gags, and insanely intense audience participation.

He has been a hit at the Edinburgh Fringe. Stewart Lee called Paul his “favourite comedy show of the fringe”, while the Ed Fringe Guru called him "extra watching the Monty Python version of stand up comedy". Perhaps Informed Edinburgh put it best, when it said: "If Tim Burton created Mr Bean..."

Support is from Paul Crowley, the coolest dad in the country, and Sean Nolan, renowned for his one liners. The MC is Steve Bennett. Tickets are €10 from the Róisín Dubh; [email protected] Shop Street; and; or €12.50 at the door.


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