Curves now has free boxercise, body balance, body basic session

No matter what age size or shape you are, it is vital to maintain a level of fitness.

Many woman think because they go walking they are fit. Walking is great for mind and soul and should not be dismissed. However with only 30 minutes of strength and cardio training at least three times a week you will truly feel the benefits both physically, and emotionally by trimming and toning all major muscle groups both front and back in your body. No amount of walking even jogging will achieve this, let alone in a mere 30 minute. Here lies the beauty of workout at Curves Woman's only fitness facility.

Health and fitness is a lifestyle not a part time pursuit, as it is too easy to start something and find an excuse to stop, the reality is, it is up to you as an individual to take responsibility for your own health. At the end of the day that is all we have, it is not family, money, or career that matters. The time you allocate to yourself is going to benefit all other aspects of your life and 'You're Worth it' to coin a phrase.

Currently Curves has an unbelievable offer of 30 days free and half price service fee, what are you waiting for? So now money is not a barrier, only your determination to start.

Curves is not interested in hearing you say I'm a member of Curves unlees you actually come go. Subsequently the team will keep you on track by not allowing a week to go by without contacting you in one way or another to encourage you, and they know it is all too easy to lose track and motivation.

The one thing the trainers at Curves will guarantee is, if you do go and work out at least three times a week for only 30 minutes, you will feel more energetic and powerful. No matter whether you have weight to lose or not, it is the importance of cardio vascular fitness and your muscle tone that is vital when you talk about being fit, it is not necessarily your physical size. The girls and woman at Galway Curves range in age and size dramatically but find the environment non threatening and enjoyable. That is the key, not to seeing exercising as a chore.

Once you are completely trained on each piece of equipment you can come and go at your own leisure, making it easy to have fitness work in to your life style not the other way around; unless you choose to avail of the various free classes on offer. It is important when you make the decision to get fit that you realize your body will become resistant if the same level of energy is put into the same thing over and over. Subsequently this is why Curves has a computerized system called Curves Smart that is tailor-made for each member where it judges your input and as you improve it will raise the level required to achieve the same exercise. At the end of every workout you can if you wish, review your results on the members' only computer system and it will give you a full analysis of your workout, telling you how well you worked out each muscle group individually, how many calories you burnt, plus much more. Yet another reason why Curves stands out from the rest.

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