Original Loughrea pool site to be offered for community use

Land acquired by the Loughrea Swimming Club Committee in the hope of constructing a swimming pool for the town is set to be used for some original community-based purpose — with the committee this week inviting applications from local clubs and societies for non-commercial uses for the site.

The need for a local public pool has been reduced in recent weeks by the announcement by Pat and Una McDonagh to construct an impressive facility at the Loughrea Hotel and Spa and now locals are hoping that the original site intended for the pool can be used for community purposes.

In a statement the committee welcomed the McDonagh announcement and said they are now willing to have their land set aside for community use.

“The recent announcement by Pat and Una McDonagh of the Loughrea Hotel and Spa of their intention to build a swimming pool at the hotel is wonderful news for Loughrea and is heartily welcomed by the Loughrea Swimming Pool Committee.

“We are delighted that Pat and Una are to add to their successful business portfolio in Loughrea, which already provides employment for so many in Loughrea and surrounding areas.

“Over the years the provision of a suitable site for a swimming pool was one of the biggest challenges that faced the Swimming Pool Committee but now the purchase of this land means a site is readily available for the construction of a swimming pool if the opportunity should arise in the future.

Through all this time the committee have been acutely aware of, and have given due care to the fact, that the original seed finance was raised by public fundraising. This was front and centre of all decision making over the years,” they said.

“In light of these new developments the Loughrea Swimming Pool Committee would like to invite proposals from clubs and organisations regarding the utilisation of the Committee’s lands adjacent to the bypass. All proposals must be non-commercial and seek to serve the community,” they stated.



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