Pontchartrain to deliver the beats @ Electric



IT IS a lake in southern Louisiana, which has given its name to a celebrated American folk song, but Pontchartrain is also the moniker of a DJ whose endless love affair with classic music, as well as his taste, vision, and dedication, set him apart from the rest.

Pontchartrain returns to the Electric Garden and Theatre on Saturday June 10, and to get a taste of what is in store, let the man himself explain: “A lot of people have forgotten what it means to be a DJ and what the greatest part of that job is. I want to feel like I’m stepping into a house party every time I screw in my needles. I want people in the room to feel the same. I want them to be happy, to feel relaxed, to feel at home. I want them to feel like everything is ok in that moment. A DJ essentially should make you feel high with your friends. A DJ is basically a drug.”

His style of editing overlooked dancefloor songs and sample-heavy house cuts has garnered him international bookings and acclaim, and earned him the A&R position for Sleazy McQueen’s Whiskey Disco imprint, and Detroit-based Rocksteady Disco. His track selection, DJ style, and music ideology all stem from years of being mentored by leading Detroit DJs.

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