A look at some of 2017's must have gadgets.

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2017 has seen yet more innovation in phones, laptops, TVs, games consoles, 3D printers and a whole host of other gadgets. Most of them do not come cheap, so obtaining your dream gadget can often be problematic. However, there are some affordable and very practical gadgets out there that can be just as enjoyable to use. Starting off with the cheapest and working up to the most expensive gadgets, classifieds.advertiser.ie is on hand to help you decide which one is for you.

Picture Keeper

For anyone who likes to take pictures on their phone, the Picture Keeper is a great addition to their arsenal. It is essentially a USB style that device that connects directly to your phone and then gradually downloads all of your pictures on to the device, without the need for any kind of internet connection. The Picture Keeper starts from around $30 (around €27 ) and can be bought online directly from the company's website.


Ruggie is an alarm clock with a difference. Sometimes if you need to get up early, but don't trust yourself to do so, you might decide to leave your phone out of your reach. Ruggie is essentially an extension of this idea. The alarm is built into the rug and you have to get out of bed and step on it to turn the alarm off. Its $99 (around €89 ) price tag might put off some, but it is definitely the alarm clock of the future.

Element Amazon Fire TV Edition 4K TV

These TVs are available to pre-order from Amazon at the moment, with prices ranging from $449 (around €404 ) for the 43-inch model to $899 (around €808 ) for a 65-inch display. You will be able to find them at stores sometime next month. These TVs will not make any huge leaps quality wise, but the software is promising. Amazon's own software will fill in as the TV's operating system and will no doubt take advantage of its main selling point as a simple to use, frustration free, TV.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Widely described as the best smartphone around right now, the Galaxy is superior to the majority of its competition. Its round cornered Infinity display has set the bar high for how a smartphone should look. Besides that, its other core features are highly impressive. Its 12 megapixel rear camera and eight megapixel front camera combined with its gorgeous display result in a phenomenal picture quality. Not on the cheap side, its pre-pay price is a staggering €799.99, but if you want the best smartphone in the world, that is the going rate.

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