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Summer is a time associated with holidays, chilling out, sun [sometimes], and switching off from the daily grind of work to recharge the batteries. However, the extra free time may enable you to try out something different, be it a new sport, a new pastime, or even an opportunity to enroll in a course to learn a new skill.

They say you never stop learning as you grow, and there are number of courses out there that one can avail of to upgrade the CV and enhance job prospects. Even the plain old satisfaction of acquiring new knowledge can be enough to tempt people to participate in a class while meeting new people and making friends.

Here at the we decided to provide you with a few ideas of what could be of interest.

Become PC savvy

There are very few jobs in the entire world that does not involve some sort of contact with a PC. You do have those dinosaurs who refuse (my parents ) to embrace the digital age saying they are too old to learn how to 'Google' and 'Facebook'. Fortunately for my parents they are retired, yet for people who are still working away, computer literacy is no longer in the additional skills list of a job spec but a compulsory one. They are plenty of computer courses that will bring you up to speed on how to use Word, Excel, or Powerpoint etc. Have no fear. The world of computers is an exciting adventure.

Photo and video editing

Following on from learning basic computer skills, photo and video editing is fast becoming a must-have attribute for those looking for a new job. The new generation loves images and videos, not words, so being able to comfortably handle photo and video editing will put you high up an employer's list.

Learning a new language

Bonjour. Dos cervezas por favor. Danke schön. Trying out a new tongue can be a fun and fulfilling experience. As the world becomes smaller thanks to the internet, many employees tend to be getting ahead of the chasing pack because they are fluent in two or more languages. If that does not convince you, think about how easy it will be to order food and drink abroad if you have that language dictionary stored in your brain. You never know your teacher might even organise a little class trip away on the Continent.

If foreign languages are not your thing, remember we have the beautiful, poetic Gaeilge here and there are many classes from which to choose. Síleann na cailíní go bhfuil mé deas dóighiúil, agus aontaím leo. You know what that means? Get yourself to a Conradh na Gaeilge class and find out.

So there you have it; a couple of ideas to improve ourselves. Remember the classes and subjects available are limitless, so do not waste your free time and get learning.

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