Sellout as Inis Mor to host Cliff Diving World Series again

Tickets for the return of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series to Inis Mor have sold out in just two weeks.

This June, Inis Mor will host one of the six stops of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2017 when the competition returns to Poll Na Péist (Serpent’s Lair ). The world’s elite male and female cliff divers will return for the third time to the rugged west coast of Ireland for a dramatic competition opener on the edge of Europe.

Selling out in under two weeks, over 1,000 ticket holders will bear witness to the gravity-defying feats of the cliff diving athletes. After a three-year hiatus, Red Bull Cliff Diving makes its way back to the fabled Serpents Lair, a near perfect rectangular pool carved deep into limestone rock on the edge of beautiful Inis Mór.

Rising to a height of 27 metres along a rugged stretch of the Atlantic Ocean, Serpent’s Lair is a breathtaking spectacle that will provide an all-natural setting for the inaugural stop of the 2017 season.

On June 24th, the cliff diving elite will make their way to Irish shores for the first dive of the year. For the men, this will be the third time returning to Inis Mór (2012 and 2014 ), while the women will compete for the first time in Ireland at this extraordinary pool-like venue.

Taking the leap of faith, divers plunge from an unimaginable height of 27 metres, accelerating at speeds in excess of 85kph before plunging into the wild Atlantic below, just three seconds later.

In the meantime, they maintain acrobatic perfection through a series of tucks, pikes, twists and spins of breathtaking complexity - all aiming to better the on looking opponents.

These gravity defying athlete’s have taken the sport far beyond it’s origins, setting the bar almost three-times higher than Olympic standard, whilst diving into water that’s almost three-times colder. Red Bull Cliff Diving is certainly not for the faint hearted.


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