Cut loose with Italy's Ensemble Micrologus

Italian group to present concert of 14th century music at the Galway Early Music Festival

Ensemble Micrologus. Photo:- Massimo Damiani

Ensemble Micrologus. Photo:- Massimo Damiani

"A MEDIAEVAL band cutting loose in the village square on a festival day" is how The Boston Globe described Italian ensemble Ensemble Micrologus, who will be "cutting loose" in Galway this month.

Micrologus will present the concert Musica Nova: Musical Innovation in 14th Century Italy on Saturday May 20 at 8pm in St Nicholas Collegiate Church, as part of the Galway Early Music Festival which runs from May 19 to 21.

The ensemble - Simone Sorini (voice, gittern ), Goffredo Degli Esposti (double flute, shawm, bagpipes ), Gabriele Russo (viol, rebec, mediaeval trumpet ), Enea Sorini (voice, percussion ) - take a serious historical approach to presenting the music of medieval Italy, but also have serious fun in performing it. Their Galwayu concert will feature ballatas, madrigals singing of love, instrumental dances like the saltarelli and the istampitte, and pieces by 14th century Florentine composers Gherardello, Lorenzo Masi, and Francesco Landini.

For tickets contact the Town Hall Theatre (091 - 569777, ). See also



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