Top tips to advertise summer accommodation online

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May has arrived and so has the summer. Galway no doubt will be jam packed with tourists and with so many hotels, hostels, and homes available, the competition for these potential holiday makers is fierce so how your property is marketed on the net can be the difference in obtaining a tenant within a few days and having an empty room during the summer.

But do not worry, here at the we have come up with some useful advice in how to promote your summer dwelling online.

1. Use plenty of good photos for your ad

It is said 'you should never judge a book by its cover' but when it comes to online advertising most people do. Excellent photos highlighting the promise of your place are essential in attracting potential suitors for a viewing. Remember potential holiday makers will not get a chance to view your summer home before they book so they must have enough images to visualise themselves staying in your home.

2. Choose a popular ad site

It might seem blatantly obvious but what site on which an ad is placed has a huge bearing on how many people may view your property. There are a number of variables you must consider when selecting on which websites you wish to promote your house;

- How popular is the website? You want as many eyes as possible to see your ad so there is absolutely zero point in using a site which no one knows about even if it is cost effective for your pocket. had more than 58,000 page views last month; that is a huge number of potential tenants who could see that you have a room to rent.

- The layout of the web page? It does not matter how brilliant your ad is, if the website is awful looking and inconvenient to use people will not make the effort to look at it, ergo leaving your ad unseen.

- Is the website mobile friendly? This is something which is not thought about, but most people use their phones as the gateway to the internet. For people who are shopping, working, or just out and about, a phone is more likely to be used than a desktop and if the site you have advertised on is not mobile friendly, there is less chance of your property being viewed.

3. Provide as much information as possible

As someone who has much experience with searching for holiday accommodation, nothing is more off putting when looking for a house than next to no information being provided; this is a big no-no for holiday makers who will simply move on to the next ad which has details about the place. Always include the price; what is on offer; and where the house is located. The house should be no secret; tell the world how great the place is.

4. Be available

If you state on the ad that you are available to be called from 9pm to 5pm and an adventurer tries to make contact on a couple of occasions with no success, he/she will simply give up and call or email the next available property. Failing to answer a call or an email puts off adventurers as it may suggest that as a landlord you will be difficult to get a hold of if a problem may arise. Have that phone ready at all times.

So there you have it; a few helpful tips which will have your summer accommodation full in no time.

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