Simple steps to better health with Orsmond Clinics

Dr Eva Orsmond with Patrick.

Dr Eva Orsmond with Patrick.

Patrick, a farmer from Co Roscommon, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes approximately 10 years ago by his GP and subsequently began taking prescription medications to control it. His diabetic medication was increased in 2016 when he began to take insulin injections, in addition to a long list of other prescription medications.

One evening Patrick saw Dr Eva Orsmond on the Ray D’Arcy Show speaking about weight loss and how it can be used to successfully reduce the need for medications to treat type 2 diabetes, and possibly reverse it completely. He decided to book an appointment at the Oranmore clinic to see Dr Eva. He weighed 90.4kg (14st 3lb ) giving him a BMI of 27.9 placing him in the overweight category, and he was determined to reach a healthy BMI. Patrick was advised to start a very low calorie ketogenic diet under Dr Eva’s supervision in January of this year.

Now Patrick weighs 78kg (12st 4lb ) and has a BMI of 24.1 which now places him in the healthy category and has increased his activity levels. Patrick has seen huge improvement in his health and overall quality of life. He has regained control over his eating habits and subsequent lifestyle behaviours since beginning with Orsmond Clinics. “It used to take me over an hour to get my medications organised for each day, and I needed to take food with each tablet, which meant I was constantly eating so that I could take all the tablets," he said. "All of this has changed, thankfully.” Pat is going to continue with his diet with the Orsmond Clinic to maintain his weight and BMI at a healthy level and keep his medication list to a minimum.


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