Prague doctor praises Relaxin

Coping with stress and anxiety is not always easy, and our ability to manage it varies throughout our lives and according to the nature of the stress. Relaxin herbal complex can increase your resistance to stress. It works as a general tonic for all body systems including the nervous system, and it makes you more resilient to life's pressures.

Medical herbalist Patrick Murphy recommends using Relaxin in specific situations when you expect an unusual increase in stress. For instance, during important exams, or when you need to meet deadlines or targets at work. He also recommends Relaxin as a first class natural remedy for people who suffer from panic attacks, mild depression, worry, anxiety, insomnia, and lack of concentration.

"The ability to cope with stress can be also related to your adrenal function, which can be dramatically improved by taking Relaxin under the supervision of a medical herbalist," Murphy said. "Remember, you don't need to be depressed in order to act to improve your mood and motivation. Many herbs have gentle mood enhancers suitable for people whose enthusiasm for life is not as strong as it used to be. It is my belief that the natural state of mind is contentment. Of course I fully understand there are objective reasons why we become unhappy — for example illness, job or relationship stress, or financial worries — but there are many other reasons, often unappreciated by the unhappy individual, such as lack of exercise, the way one lived and eats, lack of contact with nature, no hobbies or interests, and of course fixed attitudes as to what constitutes happiness.

"Sometimes, however, we became dissatisfied with life for no apparent reason. Our zest for life diminishes and we don't feel like doing anything. With regards to long term versus short term treatment these are my thoughts. If you are in the former category you will need to look carefully at your life and change those things that influence your mood negatively. You can resort to Relaxin while trying to sort things out. You may need, depending on your stress and lifestyle, to use Relaxin for two to three months. If you are in the latter category a short course of treatment, a few days to a couple of weeks, with Relaxin should restore your former enthusiasm for life. Once you feel happier, you won't need the herbs anymore.

"Relaxin should put you in the right frame of mind and once this is achieved it should be a self perpetuating state. Dr Bodan Hatmar is a practicing medical consultant and medical doctor in Prague and uses Relaxin with great effect in his private clinic. Due to the fact it has no side effects it has no addictive properties and works very quickly to achieve harmony. For people who are taking medications, please use common sense at all times, never come off your medications without the expressed advice of your medical practicioner."

If you have any queries on this week's article contact medical herbalist Patrick Murphy on 093 27033.


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