Overcome maths anxiety

Many parents report that their child has been doing well at maths but suddenly finds a topic in school difficult. Further exploration usually reveals that a big stumbling block for many students in primary school is fractions. In order to approach fractions, a student needs a solid grasp of the four operations on which all maths is built – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Without fluency in these basics, it is much much harder to tackle fractions (or decimals and percentages ).

If students can recall the number facts “off the top of their heads” then the more complex maths skills become so much easier. Often a student just needs a simple explanation of a particular maths skill, and if he/she has the required proficiency in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, then progress is that much simpler. The reasons that children are unsure about some maths topic can vary – the teacher goes too quickly, they may have missed that lesson, or they may need more practice. Some pupils need a little practice; some need a lot. The key is that practice in nearly all cases leads to fluency and increased confidence.

Maths generally builds from one skill to the next – if a student has a grasp of skill A, then he/she can tackle skill B. If students are proficient in skill A and skill B, then they can progress to skill C. However it is difficult to keep going if a previous skill is not known and known well.

FCL Galway will assess the different maths skills that are appropriate for your child’s stage in school. This will pinpoint any gaps in his/her knowledge or whether he/she has the fluency needed to approach the next skills in maths. The programme will help to “fill in” these gaps. Helping your child reach his/her potential in maths and increasing in maths confidence is an integral part of the programme.

The FCL programmes run in Salthill and Oranmore. If you want to book an assessment or need more information, contact Frank Murphy at 086 3724617 or 091 635678. Spaces are limited.


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