Bronagh Gallagher to play Monroe's Live

Derry woman called 'a fabulous singer, bursting with raw Irish soul" by Brian Eno

Bronagh Gallagher.

Bronagh Gallagher.

AS AN actor she has appeared in The Commitments, Pulp Fiction, Grabbers, Shooting For Socrates, and You, Me, and The Apocalypse. She is also a powerful blue-eyed soul singer, and as The Irish Times said, you, "overlook her musical career at your peril".

She is Derry woman Bronagh Gallagher and she plays Monroe’s Live this Saturday (April 1 ) at 8pm, where she will perform music from across her three albums - Precious Soul (2004 ), Bronagh Gallagher (2012 ), and Gather Your Greatness (2016 ). That last album found her dealing with both the personal and the political, and it featured Maria McKee and Brian Eno on backing vocals. Indeed Eno called her, "one of the purest, clearest, talents I know – a fabulous singer, bursting with raw Irish soul. Striking and original songs".

“I have the courage now to express my deep concern for where humanity is at and what we will leave behind," the singer said of her most recent songs. "It stems from watching how we react on a personal level and global level in the many wars we still have raging. What is really going on behind the ruling headquarters with regards to the arms trade and human beings' insatiable appetite for control and power over each other.”

Her old friend Glen Hansard said of her, "She cuts to the heart of what it is to be a singer. She’s a real star and always was."

Tickets are €15/10 from or [email protected], Shop Street (091 - 509960 ). See also


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