People of the Tribes : Meet Malgosia, Wojtek & Blanka

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“We met 12 years ago, when I came to Ireland on holidays. After going back to Poland he was calling, texting and annoying me, so we met in France a month later and that's when it all started. I quit my job, packed my bags and moved over to Galway. Two years later we got married in Clarinbridge and had an amazing wedding party in O'Connors Bar in Salthill. Galway became our home and we couldn’t imagine a better place to have a family. In 2008, Blanka was born. We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary recently and we feel that each of us grew so much as we always pushed one another to do and achieve more in our lives. We always respected each other for who we are and gave each other strength to be true to ourselves when others thought otherwise. Marriage requires love, respect & patience. There are two people in a relationship and both are equally needed for it to succeed.”

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