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It seems like an age since we had two consecutive dry days with blue skies and of course, the sun shining for more than a few minutes at a time. We all need a holiday to get away from the harsh Irish climate in order to relax and restock our vitamin D reserves.

But if you are not interested in the Balearic or Canary Islands, Las Vegas, or Dubai, where can you go?

1 Cuba

Since the easing of relations between the USA and the Caribbean island, Cuba is fast becoming a go to destination. Experience chaotic Havana with its art deco architecture, colour, and vintage 1950s cars which roam the streets of the capital. After you have had your fill of Havana, check out the beach resorts of Varadero on the north coast. Average temperature in Cuba in March is between 25 and 29 degrees Celsius. So bring your shorts and T-shirts.

2 Essaouira, Morocco

When we think of Morocco, Marrakesh and Casablanca come to mind. However, 110 miles west of Marrakesh is Essaouira which provides visitors all the succulent dishes of Morocco as well as the famous frenzied markets or souks. But what Essaouira has over its famous neighbours are long beaches, perfect for surfing and windsurfing enthusiasts. Average temperature in Essaouira in March is a nice 24 degrees Celsius.

3 Mozambique

Mozambique is one of Africa's undiscovered gems. With the safari secret of Gorongosa National Park, the Portuguese colonial heritage of Ibo Island, and a coastline that ebbs for some 1,535 miles, there is plenty to do in the southern African nation. And even better is the average 30 degrees Celsius for the month of March.

So there you have it. Three travel tips for the month of March from the

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