Big clean-up in Moycullen this weekend

A major community clean-up, including a decluttering of the Moycullen and Killannin lakes and canals will take place this Saturday and volunteers are asked to meet at An Fuaran car park at Moycullen at 10am.

As one of its projects Moycullen Historical Society (MHS ) started researching the history/use of Moycullen-Killannin Lakes and Canals in Nov. 2015. As part of the research for this project MHS has interviewed many interested people, including past users, Fisheries Board, OPW, coarse anglers, boating/kayaking, farmers, etc. etc. (ongoing )

Having contacted many (public, private, voluntary ), bodies, groups and individuals - including Inland Fisheries Ireland, OPW, Environment Section of Galway Co Council, Galway Coarse Angling Club, Galway Kayak Club, local FAS, local elected councillors and numerous individual users etc, all have agreed to participate in this weekend’s spring clean-up effort.

Because of the positivity about the event, the MHS Lakes/Canals Spring Clean-Up has now been expanded to include a Spring Clean-Up of all roads, heritage trails, public/community property and public areas in Moycullen parish on the same day and the committee of Moycullen Tidy Towns has agreed to lead/co-ordinate the ‘Parish Clean-Up’ effort.

As part of the Spring Clean-Up initiative Rosina Joyce, Galway County Council Community Warden for the area, has confirmed her department will supply all necessary bags, visi-vests, gloves, pickers etc. for the clean-up initiative.

Following the completion of Spring Clean-Up initiative refreshments will be served in ‘The Forge’. This will be followed by a short talk by Co. Galway Community Water Officer Catherine Seale. Additionally, in distributing copies of the new Waters and Community - Working Together brochure (see AND ) and outlining the benefits for a new Rivers (or ‘Catchments’ ) Trust, Ms Seale will also formally launch the commencement of such an initiative for the area.

Depending on weather conditions it is hoped that free boating/canoeing/kayaking trips will be available to Spring clean-up participants immediately after the said clean-up.


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