Tips for dealing with toddler temper tantrums

thorough as they learn to express themselves. They can strike anytime between the ages of one to four years and usually occur when your child gets frustrated or feels the need to push boundaries. Having been through them with my own children I have some tips for dealing with toddler temper tantrums.

Learn the signs. Every child is different. As your child grows, you will become more aware of the signs before they go into meltdown. Try to avoid situations that lead to tantrums, tiredness, hunger, thirst and boredom are triggers that can be avoided.

Choose your battles. Sometimes it is better to ignore small things the could escalate into a tantrum and keep your stamina for bigger battles.

Don’t change your mind. Once you have said no, stick to your decision. Otherwise it gives mixed messages to your toddler and confuses them. The tantrum will pass but once you give in and change your mind, your toddler will soon realise that by throwing a tantrum they can get what they want. um will cause the situation to escalate to a whole new level that benefits nobody. Try to remain calm and patient while your toddler is having a tantrum. A tantrum is just their way of letting you know that they are frustrated and upset. Get them to show or tell you what is wrong or simply hold them while they work through the tantrum. If you can’t distract or reason with them and they are safe, simply walk away until they have calmed down. Once calm you can talk to them about what frustrated them in the first place.

Be consistent. Children need consistency. If you react in the same way each time they have a meltdown they will learn through repetition that the tantrum will not achieve anything positive. And you are equipping to react in a more positive way as they grow. If you start yelling too you are giving them the message that it is an acceptable way to solve issues and they will mimic you as they grow.

Bribery on your terms can work too. Offering them a treat to have when they get home, before you go somewhere to encourage good behaviour while you are there is ok. It doesn’t have to involve sweets. It can be a favourite tv program or book. Or offering pretend choices for mealtimes like what pasta shape would you prefer or sprouts or carrots can help too.

So next time your toddler is heading for a tantrum, breathe deeply and try out some of the methods above to avoid full meltdown.


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